About Us

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Sustainable Town Concepts was founded to help communities and individuals create environmentally-healthy places to live, work, and play. The premise of our work is that the most environmentally-beneficial thing we can do is to build healthy places for people.

Towns and buildings that are beautiful, resource-efficient, and endearing, are inherently sustainable. They conserve water and energy, cost less to operate, and supply a healthy living environment. A healthy environment nourishes the human spirit and gives societies the energy, desire, and creativity to improve the human condition and preserve the natural environment that sustains all life on earth. We work with developers, builders, government officials, homeowners, architects—anyone interested in building or renovating homes, neighborhoods, and landscapes.

Principal Christian Wagley has worked on environmental issues in Florida and the southeast for over 15 years. His early training in the environmental sciences led him to realize that the way we design and construct the built environment has the greatest impact on natural systems. He has worked on environmental issues in state and county government and small business, and in recent years has focused on green building and development in both new and existing homes and neighborhoods, with a special interest in traditional neighborhoods.